A Gospel Presentation combining Scripture and Song.

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I am a multi-instrumentalist gospel saxophone player, and I love to create music.

I’ve been playing saxophone for over 25 years, and I am passionate about working with people.

I began my music career as a jazz and R&B artist. Now, my passion is Gospel Music. Gospel music and serving God are two of the driving forces in my life. That’s what truly motivates me every day as I work on making music that inspires others to express themselves through their belief in their faith and their religion.

I believe there is a place for everyone in the church community. If you’re looking for a musician for special events, spiritual meetings, or church functions—or if you need someone to play the saxophone with your church choir, I would love to be a part of your community and assist you in reaching the pre-determined destiny that God has set for your organization.

Gospel music has been relevant in American enclaves for more than a century and its importance in our society is still prevalent to this day.

I understand that it can be difficult to find a professional saxophone player that is willing to work with churches for special events. That’s why I’ve created Sax, Scripture, and Song. SSS is a 60 to 75 minute program presentation that combines two of the core competencies of our faith; biblical scriptures and gospel songs.A very unique approach to gospel music.My talent of playing the soprano,alto and tenor saxophones has blessed me with the ability to play a wide variety of musical selections. Any of my SSS song selections can be performed with your church choir. I am also available to coordinate my music with any special events that you are planning with adequate advance notice.

Through the years, I have performed on the East
and West coast of the U.S. and various territories of the Caribbean. At the
present time, I am based in San Diego, CA but I am willing to travel for the convenience
of my clients. 



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As an artist, my two passions are playing the saxophone and playing gospel music. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality composition of musical selections that will be tailored to meet your needs. I have been playing the saxophone for over 25 years. My goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations every time I perform. When I get the opportunity to provide you with my musical talents, your listeners will know that what they are hearing has been well crafted and geared to satisfy their musical listening appetite.

I am available to assist you with your every musical request. Let me know what your needs are and I will be more than willing to make myself available.


June 29

Trinity Tower- San Diego, CA.


Pope Estate- Alexandria VA


Promedica Manor- Alexandria VA


Beulah Baptist Church- Alexandria VA

Oct. 8

Brighton Place- San Diego, CA

Nov. 11

Amaya Springs

Dec. 2nd

Malcolm X Library-San Diego, CA



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